Del Rio

Frangelico . Lemon . Syrup . Egg white

Sweet cocktail with hazelnut, supplemented with sweetness and acid.


Rom . Butterscotch . Mynta . Passionsjuice

Cocktail with flavors of passion fruit and cream with a fresh touch of mint.


Rom . Viol . Lime

Daiquiri inspired cocktail with perfect balance between light rum, lime and freshly squeezed lime juice.


Whisky . Vodka . Jalapenos . Sprite

A spicy Whiskey lemonade with a taste of strawberry and a spicy touch of Jalapeños.


Vodka . Watermelon . Limejuice . Ginger beer

A refreshing cocktail based on Vodka, Lime, Watermelon and Ginger beer.


Brandy . Cocoa liquor .  Milk

Creamy shaken milk cocktail with Brandy and Chocolate. Decorated with grated chocolate.